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Download Geometry Dash full version APK 2.111 latest to enjoy many pro features like creating your own level, customizing your character, multiplayer mode, and practice mode.

Download GD Full Version APK

Game NameGeometry Dash
DeveloperRobTop Games
Last UpdateFebruary 18, 2023
Latest Version2.111
Size75 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlocked

About Geometry Dash Full Version

Geometry Dash APK (GD) is a rhythm-based action platformer and fast-paced game, which tests your skills. You will enjoy different levels with challenging tasks to complete and earn rewards. We are providing you with a free download of the Geometry Dash Mod APK full version with 21 levels.

In this interesting 2D game, you will love to try new levels, and icons to customize your characters and many more. You will have complete details of amazing features in the geometry dash full version. 

Moreover, Create your own levels share them with friends, and play with them in multiplayer mode. This game doesn’t have any in-app purchases. Once you go for the geometry dash APK download and install it you can get lifetime access to it. 

Geometry Dash mod APK is a very challenging game as sometimes you meet multiple obstacles, so you must be too sharp to avoid them.

Moreover in this game, you can have hidden coins or stars, and you can collect them but it can be risky. 

A unique thing about this game is that you can create your own customized levels now more than 80 million levels have been created by players and some of them are added as official levels.

The rewards like diamonds, coins, stars, and orbs can be obtained from chests and levels. 

Here are some of the popular Geometry Dash Mods:

What is New in the Geometry Dash Full Version APK 2.111

You have the file link for Geometry Dash APK version 2.111, and you can directly download it for your Androids. Here you have the main features of the game

  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Reverse Gravity 
  • Different Difficulty levels

Geometry Dash APK Pro Features   

Premium features are limited and require coins, diamonds and money to unlock. But you can have all premium features unlocked with Geometry Dash Mod APK.

Geometry dash apk create new level

Create Your Own Levels

Only the full version has this amazing feature that you can create your own levels in the GD Full Version APK. You can create new levels according to your own ideas, you can fully customize them.

Put the obstacles where you want, add decoratives where needed, and choose the difficulty level on your own. 

You can share these levels with your friends so they can enjoy your creativity. On a rough estimate, around 80 million levels have been created till now, and some of them have been added to the hall of fame. 

Customize Your Character Icon

In the Geometry Dash APK you have around 500 character icons, blocks, spiders, ships, balls, rockets, UFOs, and robots are the new icons.

You can get access to all these characters once you download them, and moreover, you can customize them, change their colors, and so on. 

Multiplayer Mode

As a gamer, you will definitely love to play your favorite game with your friends. In the Geometry Dash APK full version, you have a multiplayer option where you can play it with your friends and other players across the world.  

Amazing Rewards

In the full version, you will get numerous rewards like coins, starts, and boosters as soon as you download it.

In the other versions of the Geometry Dash Mod APK, you need to reach specific levels to earn additional rewards, but the full version gives you all from the start.

You can customize your characters with those coins, and boost the performance of your icon. You will get these rewards with achievements through dangerous passages.

Practice Mode

This is yet another brilliant feature of the game. Having good practice is very important whether it is any physical game or soft/online game if you are a newbie.

In the geometry dash full version, you have practice mode where you can get an idea about the difficulty of any level. You can mark the obstacles and spikes during practice, and then play more efficiently. 

In practice, you will continue playing without any fear of losing your life.

Geometry Dash Gameplay & Features 

GD APK can be controlled by a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or controller. It has very interesting gameplay.

You need to control the motion of your Icon to avoid the obstacles and finally complete the level.

If your character Icon crashes with obstacles like a saw blade or spikes, your character will die, and you will need to restart the level. 

You can also play in practice mode for any level, and you can mark obstacles and then you can complete the level easily but you can’t collect the coins or rewards in practice mode.

In-game music, rhythm, and timing are very crucial as these are interrelated. 

The difficulty level of this game is variable, you have it easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, or demon. You can choose more difficulty levels when you have a complete hand in this game.

Geometry Dash mod APK has around 21 levels, 18 are unlocked as soon as you install it, other 3 can be unlocked by reaching specific levels and collecting coins.    

1-Reverse Gravity Feature

This game also features reverse engineering technology called “fly rockets flip gravity’ and this happens without any warning or alert during the gameplay.

In flip gravity, the environment will be totally changed, icons will be suddenly changed, the speed of your Icon character will be changed, and the direction will be mirrored. 

The reverse gravity mode is more difficult than the other modes, so you should be ready for it all the time. With the sudden moving directions because of change in gravity, you can control your Icon with orbs or pads.      

2-Difficulty Levels in Geometry Dash Mod APK

As soon as you are used to this challenging game, you will love to play more challenging levels. 

3-Easy Levels 

Stereo Madness is the first level and it is the easiest to control, only suitable for beginners. Back on Track is the second level but it is also easy in difficulty level and it allows yellow jump pads for various jumping in potential and hazardous conditions.    

4-Normal Levels 

Moving to normal difficulty levels, Polargeist and Dry Out are the third and fourth levels respectively. In the Polargeist level, yellow jumping rings are introduced to introduce the degree of jumping during the second cube sequence challenges. 

The Dry Out has an antigravity segment to counter vertical obstructions. And it requires restricted motion to avoid unnecessary jumping.    

5-Hard Levels 

Base after Base is the fifth level of this game, though it is listed as a hard level, it has difficulty the same as Dry Out. 

Can’t Let Go, is the sixth level, and it is also listed as a hard level. At this level, you need to be more precise and your timing should be perfect for jumping. You have spikes just over your head too, and an antigravity segment and a second cube segment increase the difficulty. 

6-Harder Levels    

Advancing towards the harder levels, Jumper, Time Machine, and Cycles are the seventh, eighth, and ninth levels respectively. The Jumper is the harder level with raised frequency for the antigravity segment, which also happens from the first sequence. 

In the Time Machine level, the difficulty is increased by routine triple spikes and frequent antigravity segments, even in the final ship sequence.  

Here comes another level with harder difficulty which is Cycles, and it has a light use of gravity cycles, rings, and pads, and it introduces a ball. You may have a triple spike arrangement, which can mislead you during jumping toward hazards.

In harder difficulty, you have two more levels, Blast Processing, and Geometrical Dominator which are the seventeenth and nineteenth levels respectively in the Geometry Dash APK. In Blast Processing, you have spacious sequences, fleshing out the levels, and 3D decorations.

Geometrical Dominator has a robot game mode where you can control the jumps by tapping and holding the button. It also features many trigger options like an alpha trigger, toggle trigger, pulse trigger, and move trigger.

Decorations like flowers, water, bushes, animated thorns, and monsters add more fun to them. 

7-Insane Levels

Here you have insane difficulty levels, xStep has a variety of new-level objects, pulsators, and block designs and decoratives. And it has cyan gravity rings and cyan gravity pads which become more frequent in later sequences.

Clutterfunk introduces very intense single-block sequences and gravity portals. And its cube sequence is more difficult which requires faster and more precise reactions.

Theory of Everything is also an insane level that has magenta jump rings and pads and is more often used. Along with the right path shown by arrows, it also displays hazardous alternate paths.  

In Electroman Adventures you will face destructive blocks, especially at the start of the sequence. At the Electrodynamics level, you will face very rapid variants from the start, and its UFO behaves very sharply. 

In Hexagon Force, you need to pass the sloped blocks, it has dual portals for all the characters like balls, ships, and cubes.

The Fingersah is the hardest level in the insane category, and you have spider form which reacts instantly as ball form and teleports to the nearest solid surface. Your main character icon will be always in danger throughout the course.

You have many new decoratives like yellow jumping pads, new triggers, rotating objects, and rings. You will need to push your character carefully.  

8-Demon Levels

Demon difficulty makes Geometry Dash APK, a very challenging game. Clubstep is the first one among these, in this level, you will have to control your object in very limited space and within seconds.

In Theory of Everything 2, you will observe invisible slopes, fake slopes, and fading saw-blades. And you have a mini-wave in this for the first time.

Deadlocked is the hardest level in this game, and you have new components like the green jump ring. The Deadlocked is an impossible challenge as it has spiky obstacles.

9-Unique SoundTracks and Amazing Graphics

Geometry dash apk soundtracks

Geometry dash soundtracks are on another level, and artists are hired for the different soundtracks for different levels. I love its tone which is different for each level and compatible with fast-paced games. 

Along with the background sounds, the soundtrack gives clues to the players, and it has different sounds when there will be any new obstacles on the way or you complete any level. 

Geometry Dash apk has vibrant graphics, which add more fun to the game and attracts users despite its 2D gameplay. 

How to Download and Install the Geometry Dash APK?

You have the link given for the geometry Dash APK free download, and for that follow these steps,

  • Go to the “Setting”
  • Turn on the option “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Click on the “Download Button” given in this article
  • Wait until the downloading completes
  • Click on “Install” 
  • Press the “Finish” button and then enjoy
    Download geometry dash and you will really enjoy it.


The game is free to download but not totally free, you have to spend money to get certain features unlocked. 

Demon levels are really hard in this game, among them Deadlocked is the hardest level and you need to be very careful in this level. 

Yes, this game is 100% secure, you can enjoy it without any security risk as it will not get access to private files in your Android.  

Yes, geometry dash mod apk has a built-in level editor feature.


Geometry Dash APK Full Version unlocks tons of possibilities for you. You have plenty of features in this game, like creating your levels, customizing icons, adding decoratives to levels, and playing with friends in multiplayer mode.

It has many difficulty levels so you can play it according to your skills and precision. You will enjoy the amazing features without any limits.

Collecting rewards throughout the levels, and then earning more at the end of respective levels give you the boosts, and you can update your icon and unlock new levels with those coins. 

So don’t wait and download GD Full Version APK by clicking the download button.