10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

Geometry Dash is a very challenging rhythm-based platformer game with very hard difficulty. There are several reasons from fast-paced gameplay to complex mechanics and from lack of checkpoints to unforgiving obstacles.

In this article, you will have a detailed answer to your question why is geometry dash so hard?

Is Geometry Dash The Hardest Game in The World?

Though geometry dash has very challenging gameplay and punishing difficulty levels, it is hard to say whether it is the hardest game in the world ever or not. There are other games that have gained popularity because of their unique and complex gameplay. Now let’s compare geometry dash with other competitive games Osu and Dark Souls.

Is Geometry Dash Harder Than Osu?

10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

Both Geometry Dash and Osu are very difficult games known for their unique challenges.  

Geometry Dash is a platformer game, while Osu is a rhythm-based game. Geometry Dash needs very precise timing, while Osu needs eye-hand coordination and quick reaction. Both have very fast-paced gameplay, but in my opinion, Geometry Dash is harder than Osu. 

Is Geometry Dash Harder Than Dark Souls?

10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

Geometry Dash and Dark Souls are two different games having unique challenges, one can’t decide directly which one is harder. Geometry Dash has platformer gameplay where you need to navigate your character to avoid obstacles like spikes, sawblades, and pendulums. 

While Dark Souls is a very difficult action RPG where you need to fight with enemies and their bosses to complete challenges. Dark Souls tests your patience, skills, and strategy. I will rate Dark Souls as harder than Geometry Dash.

Now, let’s move toward the reasons why is geometry dash so hard.

10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

Here you have the reasons why is geometry dash so hard.

1-Fast Paced Gameplay

Geometry Dash has very fast-paced gameplay which makes it very challenging. Speed is its integral part and you need to maintain your speed, and it is very hard to navigate your character precisely with fast speed throughout the level. “Theory of Everything 2” and “Hexagone Force” have very fast gameplay.

2-Precision Timing

Timing is another important factor that tells us why is geometry dash so hard? as many levels require very precise timing. You will fail the level with even a single mistimed jump or flipped gravity so precision is essential for success. “FIngerdash” and “Deadlocked” are examples of levels that require very precise timing. 

3-Complex Mechanics

The geometry dash has very complex mechanics like flying, jumping, and flipping gravity. And the gameplay becomes more complex as you advance through the level and makes it more difficult. You will need to have more practice and high skills to compete with its complex mechanics like moving platforms, gravity changes, and portals. 

4-Unforgiving Gameplay

Another reason Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard? is that it has very unforgiving gameplay. If you are hit by any obstacles, spikes, or sawblades at any level of the game your character will die, and you will need to restart the level. A perfect example of its unforgiving gameplay is its last level “Deadlocked”

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5-Challenging Obstacles

10 Reasons Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard?

Another reason Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard? is obstacles as these are among the fundamentals of the game. As you move toward the level, obstacles come more suddenly, which makes it harder. The more challenging obstacles are invisible spikes, fast-moving saws, and unpredictable lasers. You need to be more precise through these obstacles. 

6-Complex Level Design

Another reason Why Is Geometry Dash So Hard? Complex-level design with intricate patterns with fast-paced gameplay is another reason why is geometry dash so hard. These patterns include wave segments that have multiple spike pulses, ship segments that have moving objects like pendulums through tight spaces, and ball sequence that requires very precise navigation through narrow passes. 

7-High Learning Curve

In the geometry dash, you will experience steep learning curves that will increase the difficulty of levels. If you are a newbie to the game you will need to invest time in improving skills to pass these high learning curves. Sometimes players fail to complete the first level of geometry dash which is “Stereo Madness” because of these steep curves. 

8-Lack of Checkpoints

Another reason why is geometry dash so hard on PC or mobile is that during its gameplay you will hardly observe any checkpoints. You will need to complete the levels in a single attempt, otherwise, if your character dies it will restart from the beginning. 

The lack of checkpoints puts extra pressure on a player, which makes the game harder. The absence of checkpoints in the levels like “The Clubstep” and “The Theory of  Everything” makes them really challenging.  

9-The Impact of Difficulty on Mobile and PC

The difficulty of the geometry dash depends upon your device, as it is specially designed for mobile devices. It has a very easy one-touch control on mobile while its control system is a bit difficult for PCs, this is another reason why Geometry Dash PC is harder.

10-The Comunity’s Influence

The geometry dash community has an important role in its difficulty, as you will definitely love to compete with other players on different levels. This will put some extra pressure on you as a player as you won’t like to lose from other players on the leaderboard. 

Moreover, by creating your own custom levels, you will need a lot of skills to design harder levels and then share them with your friends to impress them. Social pressure is another reason why is geometry dash so hard.


Geometry Dash has very addictive but challenging gameplay. It causes frustration because of its difficulty levels, repetitive gameplay, and emphasis on perfection.

The “Bloodbath” is generally considered as geometry dash’s hardest level ever. This level has several fade obstacles like spikes, blurry sawblades, and suddenly arriving pendulums.

At the start, it looks easy to master Geometry Dash as the starting levels are easier. As soon as you move towards the harder levels you will need a lot of practice, skills, and patience to beat Insane and Demon levels.


Hopefully, this blog has helped you get the answer to your question why is geometry dash so hard? We have compared Geometry Dash with two very challenging games Osu and Dark Souls. Moreover, we have compiled the reasons that make geometry dash so hard. After knowing the reasons you need to do more practice to polish your skills so you can master any level of geometry dash.

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