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Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.0 for Android

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Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK and enjoy exciting features like challenging levels, unique soundtracks, and advanced customization.

Geometry for PC v2.0 Geometry Apk v1.0

Game NameGeometry Dash Breeze APK
Last UpdateMarch 23, 2023
Latest Version2.0
Size48 MB
RequiresAndroid 6.0+

Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK and enjoy exciting features like challenging levels, unique soundtracks, and advanced customization. 

Geometry dash breeze is a spin-off version of geometry dash and was developed by Andrexel. It is an amazing arcade-based platformer game similar to the geometry dash original game. 

In this 2.0 version, you will enjoy the following fantastic features :

  • Challenging Levels
  • Visuals and Graphics
  • Advanced Customization
  • Achievements and Rewards
  • Practice Mode

Geometry Dash Breeze APK Gameplay & More Features

Breeze version has the following features,


Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.0 for Android

The gameplay of the geometry dash breeze is very unique where you need to control your characters like Dice, Ball, Wave, Cube, and Rocket. The theme of this game is to navigate your icon through narrow passes, avoid obstacles, and then finally reach the finishing line of the level.

The obstacles of geometry breeze are a bit different than the original geometry dash. You need to be more precise, especially passing through spikes and moving pendulums. 

2-More Features

Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.0 for Android

Geometry dash breeze apk full version has some unique features, let’s go through them. 

i-Challenging Levels

This game has 6 unique levels with challenging obstacles, here you go, 

  • Sky High Symphony: This level is designed in a sky-themed environment with floating spikes, obstacles, and clouds. You need to be more precise and very reactive to pass these hanging spikes. 
  • Ancient Ruins: This level can move you towards ancient civilization, crumbling structures, and mysterious traps. You can also encounter statues and hieroglyphics at this level.
  • Cybernetic Chaos: This level is based on a futuristic techno-infused world theme. This level features fast-paced obstacles, pulsating neon lights, and glitchy effects that require very quick reflexes.  
  • Underwater Abyss: In this level, you as a player will be observing underwater challenges, with sea animals, bushes, and other creatures. You should be very careful while passing through narrow spaces. 
  • Cosmic Odyssey: This is a spaced-themed level where will be moving in space facing asteroid fields, defying gravity, and interstellar landscapes.
  • Pixel Prowl: This level is based on homage retro pixel art and a pixelated theme. Your reaction time matters the most as its obstacles are just like art on the walls. 

ii-Visuals and Graphics

This game has very energetic, vibrant graphics, and visual effects. Its dynamic colorful visuals enhance the challenging gaming experience. High-definition resolution displays clearly each and everything in the game throughout different levels. 

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iii-Advanced Customization

This game has an option for you to customize your character icon. You can convert your character into your own unique style by changing its colors and skins. Moreover, after getting a certain number of coins, you can boost the life and jumping power of your icon which helps you to liver longer and jump easily over hazards, 

iv-Achievements, and Rewards

Download Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.0 for Android

While advancing through different levels in this game, you can collect coins, gems, and chests. You can collect coins and chests on completion of each level. You can earn more rewards by completing daily and weekly challenges. Moreover, if you play this game regularly you can earn weekly rewards. 

v-Practice Mode

As this game requires a very fast response rate and quick reflexes you need to polish your skills with proper practice. In the practice mode, you can play freely, mark the checkpoints where needed, and complete the levels. 

In this mode, you can restart the level from your marked checkpoint if you are caught by any obstacle at any stage of the game. You can’t collect coins, gems, or chests in the practice mode. 

Geometry Dash Breeze APK 2.0 Downloading and Installation Guide

For a fast and safe downloading of the breeze geometry dash, you should follow our guide, 

  • Go to the “Setting” on your device
  • Now “Allow apps from unknown sources”
  • Now Press our “Geometry Dash Breeze APK Download” Button
  • After the downloading completes click on “Install” button appearing on screen
  • Wait and let the installation complete
  • Now press “Done” and enjoy


Yes, it is available for free, for that you can check our download link. This game is not available on the play store as it is a game developed by a fan.

Yes, it is safe if you download our apk file. For the sake of the user’s safety, we go through proper virus scanning and make sure that there is nothing harmful in this file.

It has 6 unique levels with its own challenges and energetic soundtracks.


Geometry dash breeze apk is a fan-made game with its unique features. The gameplay of the game is similar to the original geometry dash game, but its graphics and soundtracks have their own charm. It has 6 challenging levels to make it more interesting, advanced customization to make your unique character, and practice mode to polish your skills. 

You can earn fantastic rewards in the form of coins, gems, and chests after certain achievements in the game. Overall it is a good game to try, but make sure you are taking breaks while playing this game.

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