Geometry Dash SubZero Mod APK 2.2.12 Unlocked

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Enjoy the free geometry dash subzero mod APK download, with unique subzero characters and three challenging levels unlocked.

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Game NameGeometry Dash Subzero
DeveloperRobTop Games
Last UpdateJuly 13, 2022
Latest Version2.2.12
Size50 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and Up
Get it onGoogle Play

About Geometry Dash SubZero Mod APK

Geometry dash subzero is a spin-off tilted game of geometry dash. It is an interesting game with an arcade platform and three challenging levels.

Its gameplay is almost similar to the main game and it is also developed by Robtop Games but it comes with new characters which makes it unique.

Geometry Dash SubZero Mod APK Unlocked Features

Geometry Dash subzero full version, which is actually the mod version comes up with unlocked amazing features. Before playing Geometry Dash Subzero Mod APK, knowing the game features is very important, let’s go through them. 

  • Limited But Unique Levels
  • Unique SubZero Icons
  • Practice and Carrier Modes

Let’s go through this in detail, 

Limited But Unique Levels

In the Geometry Dash subzero full version 2.2.12, you will enjoy three unique platformer levels with different difficulties, and you have all these levels unlocked for free in the mod version.

You can add your favorite song and sound to your new levels. All the levels in the Geometry Dash Mod APK have colorful graphics, these new levels are, 

i-Press Start

It is the first level of Geometry Dash Subzero Mod APK and it has normal difficulty. At this level, you have a ball, cube, ship, and robot form icons and it uses basic rings and jumping sequences.

In this level, you will also have to encounter antigravity along with speed portals and jump your character in entertaining music songs to beat the obstacles.

ii-Nock Em

Geometry Dash SubZero Mod APK

Nock Em is the second level and it has hard difficulty where you have green jumping rings, wave, and spider game modes.

This level requires really hard work as it has a bouncing square block, a random trigger option, and other decoratives. 

The camera feature is more optimized, static, and locked Y-axis. In this level, the first time you have the option to disable particular effects of end trigger, and manipulation portals.  

iii-Power Trip 

Power Trip is the final level of the geometry dash subzero with constantly moving blocks. It is the one which I really like, and it has a harder difficulty. You will observe new camera features and the use of a random trigger. 

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Unique SuzbZero Icons

Apart from the common characters already introduced in Geometry Dash, Robert Topala introduces new characters and all are unlocked in the Geometry Dash Subzero APK mod. 

Moreover, you can customize characters on your own ideas so you can clear all the obstacles.

Here you go, 

1-The Rocket 

The rocket moves faster than a ship jumps higher than a cube, and can blast off. It is a bit hard to control the rocket in congested places, and suitable for levels that require flying and jumping frequently. 

2-The Snowflake  

This character is specially designed for snowy and icy surfaces for more precision as it moves slower than cubes and ships. Snowflakes can easily slide on snow and ice as it has better friction on slippery surfaces.  

3-The Waveform

The waveform passes through obstacles in wave motion and can pass through tight spaces easily. It is a bit slower than other characters, but very precise to avoid obstacles.  

4-The Copter

The copter is ideal when you need precise moments and hovering. Though it is slower, it can fly and pass obstacles by hovering. 

5-The Bull

The Bull is a unique character, and it can knock the obstacles and enemies, which other characters can’t. It is suitable for levels that require charging on obstacles and enemies. It is slower than other characters and can be easily killed if hit by obstacles. 

Practice and Carrier Modes

Another great feature that is unlocked in the geometry dash subzero full version is that it gives you the option of whether you want to play in practice mode or carrier mode. 

In practice mode, you can sharpen your skills, know the exact location of the obstacles, and mark them out. But you can not collect any coins, or move to a new level.  

In carrier mode, you have the real challenge. You will be really playing the game, and can’t mark the obstacles. You will earn many coins through the level, and amazing rewards after finishing a level, and then you can unlock a new level. 

Geometry Dash Subzero APK Download and Installation

You have the download button given in this article where you can download it easily. Before going to download the latest mod version make sure these settings are in your Android for faster download.   

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Turn On “ Allow Apps from Unknown Sources”
  3. Click on “Download Geometry Dash Subzero”
  4. Let the downloading complete
  5. Press “Install”
  6. After installation is completed, you will see the “Done” Press it

Enjoy your favorite game!


Though the level editor is preinstalled in it, unfortunately, it is not accessible.

It has three unique levels.

Yes, it has advertisements, and there is no way to stop them unless you purchase the premium version which is available for $1.99.


Geometry Dash subzero mod APK is a great addition to Geometry Dash, this game offers new features like three unique levels and new subzero characters which adds more joy to the fun.

Robtop Games (the developer) has introduced practice and career modes to sharpen your skills and then implement them. You have all the mod info and unlocked all these features of the geometry dash subzero mod app.

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