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Geometry Dash World MOD APK Unlocked 2.2.11

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Here you have the Geometry Dash World Mod APK to download and install for free. GD Wolrd Mod has three unique levels with a level editor and new characters unlocked.

Download APK 2.2.11

Game NameGeometry Dash World
DeveloperRobTop Games
Last UpdateNovember 10, 2022
Latest Version2.2.11
Size64 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlocked

About Geometry Dash World MOD APK

Geometry dash world has a simple gameplay that is similar to the original game where you need to control your character icons to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and then complete the level to earn unique rewards. 

In the geometry dash world mod apk, you will enjoy unlimited money, unlimited currency, unlocked skins, and the following features.

  • Unique Levels
  • Customizable Characters
  • Level Editor

Let’s go through these features in detail,

Geometry Dash World Mod APK Unlocked Features

As soon as you download the mod version from the link given, you will get these fantastic features unlocked, 

Three Unique Levels

Overall it has 21 levels out of which three are unique each with a different difficulty level. In the geometry dash mod apk, you will get free access to all these levels. Let’s discuss those three, 


Geometry Dash World MOD APK Unlocked 2.2.11

Payload is a unique level and it is easy compared to other levels of this game. The theme of this level is a bit frustrating with challenging and engaging gameplay.

In some of its sections, you will need to avoid the hazards by jumping over the obstacles, and sometimes your character should be navigated by moving the maze.  

ii-Beast Mode

Geometry Dash World MOD APK Unlocked 2.2.11

This level is designed on a jungle-based theme, and it is more difficult than Payload. This level has animals, rotating blades, and spikes as obstacles, and its gameplay is relatively faster.

And it has some secret areas, you can explore them by adopting specific paths and showing your skills.  


Geometry Dash World MOD APK Unlocked 2.2.11

Machina is the most difficult level of Geometry Dash World Mod APK 2.2.11, and it is designed in a technology-based theme with a frustrating factory setting. The gameplay of this level is really fast-paced, with challenging moving obstacles like laser beams and sawblades. 

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Customizable Characters

Geometry Dash World has seven unique characters and you will have all these unlocked in the Geometry Dash World mod app. The best thing is that you can customize their colors and skin from the Geometry Dash community.

Here you go,

1-The Ranger

As its name suggests, the ranger is to shoot the enemies with the gun and moves in small steps which is useful to avoid obstacles and to be alert for the enemies.      

2-The Alchemist

Alchemist is my favorite character, a wizard-theme character that shoots magic arms to destroy obstacles and enemies. Its teleport move allows it to move instantly at short distances, which is very helpful in tricky levels. 

3-The Duplicator

This unique character can duplicate itself here if needed so you can survive longer during tougher levels. With its unique double jumping ability, you can jump your character twice in the air to clear long-spaced obstacles. 

4-The Leader

The leader has boosted their jumping ability and, can jump higher to avoid long-distance hazards. And its dash moment is instrumental during difficult levels.  

5-The Golem

The Golem is a stone-themed character that can charge obstacles and enemies. Its unique feature is that it can clear specific sections with its ground-pound ability to kill enemies and destroy obstacles.  

6-The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a female warrior-themed character that can fly and shoot arrows to kill enemies from a distance. With its Teleport movement ability, it moves through shorter distances instantly. 

Level Editor

The level editor is another great feature of Geometry Dash, where you can customize to play online levels to a specific limit, and then play with your friends in those levels. You can add new monsters, new music tracks, and unique icons.

The geometry dash subzero was missing this feature, in the geometry dash world mod you have free access to this fantastic feature.

More Features

Apart from the unlocked geometry dash world has the following features, 

  • You will have new challenges in the geometry dash world full version, and you can earn amazing rewards by completing them. 
  • This game features an online leaderboard where you can compete with other players, and track your progress.
  • For an impressive experience, this game has an electronic soundtrack which was composed by artists like Waterflame and DexArson.  
  • You can polish your skills in the practice mode. Practice mode is the best for you if you are a beginner.
  • You will discover secrets hidden within the world, in this latest version. And you will be allowed to open daily quests and earn rewards.

Geometry Dash World MOD APK Download and Installation Guide

You can download the Geometry Dash World full version for free by pressing a single download button given in this article. And you will get all the mod features unlocked as discussed above. 

Make sure you follow these steps for faster download,

  1. Open your Android “Settings”
  2. Then go to “apps from unknown sources” and allow
  3. Press the “Geometry Dash World Download MOD APK” 
  4. Then “Install”
  5. Let it finish, then press “Done” and play the online levels created


No, unfortunately, it doesn’t support multiplayer mode, but you can compete with other players on the online leaderboard.

Yes, the geometry dash world mod is safe to play, it will get access to only the necessary files that require for the game.

It has 21 Official Levels, you can get access to them when you download the geometry dash world mod apk.

No, you can not create new levels in the geometry dash world, but with its level editor, you can customize the existing levels on your own ideas.


RobTop Games has developed the Geometry Dash World with the addition of three unique levels, and new customizable characters, and it allows you to edit the levels with its level editor. By downloading the Geometry Dash World APK Mod, you will enjoy it for free and have full access to all these fantastic features.

So, this game is an amazing addition to the world of Geometry Dash where you have new everything, unique music tracks, and you can play online levels created.

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